About us

Because we love languages

We translate with passion, interpret with ease and proofread with due care. We can provide a wide range of services in 40 languages, but one thing we do not know how to provide is a poor-quality job. We stand behind every page we do because we want you to stand behind us.



Executive Director, owner

E-mail: lucie@thebesttranslation.cz
Phone: +420 605 530 832

Lucie graduated in English and Spanish translation studies from the Faculty of Arts at Charles University, Prague. She started to work as a translator in 2001 and since 2008, she also been a court appointed English and Spanish interpreter. She is a member of the Chamber of Court Appointed Interpreters and Translators of the Czech Republic and Business & Professional Women Czech Republic. In theBESTtranslation, she is in charge of Czech clients, marketing and business development. She also oversees large and long-term translation and interpreting projects. Lucie speaks English and Spanish.



aaron 2


Head of the English Department

E-mail: aaron@thebesttranslation.cz
Phone: +420 605 420 224

Originally from Chicago, Aaron graduated in law from DePaul University. In addition to law, he also has extensive experience with construction. As an English native speaker with good knowledge of the Czech environment, he is in charge of translations into English. He is also responsible for foreign client communication, English proofreading and English language courses.





Projec Manager

E-mail: anna@thebesttranslation.cz
Phone.: +420 734 865 326

Anna studied English Linguistics at the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK. She has long-term experience teaching English at both elementary and secondary schools, as well as at universities in the Czech Republic. At theBESTtranslation, she is in charge of project coordination and project management and communicates with clients and contractors. Her greatest interest is foreign languages. She is fluent in English and Russian and is currently learning Italian and Arabic.

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