Our interpreters retain the idea and keep pace with the speaker

Are you planning a meeting with your business partners from Siberia, putting together a conference of Scandinavian designers, or preparing a lecture on Japanese mysticism? No matter who is coming, we will provide you with an interpreter who will not let you down. Or if you are travelling abroad, our interpreters will accompany you.

We provide all types of interpreting:

  • Consecutive / the speaker and the interpreter alternate after shorter sections. Consecutive interpreting is appropriate for business meetings and negotiations, training sessions, etc.
  • Simultaneous / the speaker and the interpreter speak at the same time while delegates listen through headsets. This is also sometimes called conference interpreting because it is often used at conferences.
  • With a court-appointed interpreter / in this specific case, interpreting is provided by a court-appointed interpreter who then validates the deed with his or her stamp. This type of interpreting is required for wedding ceremonies, at a notary, etc.


Plus, over-the-phone interpreting, videoconference interpreting, film interpreting, simultaneous interpreting without equipment (whisper interpreting), and escort/travel interpreting.

What else to bear in mind when ordering an interpreter?

Our interpreters are nothing but professionals. One more reason that they appreciate any sources that you can provide before your event that will help them master the topic. Don’t worry – any information that you provide will remain strictly confidential


Interpreting equipment

As far as interpreting equipment goes, you can rely on us 100%. We work with proven contractors and can provide you with:

  • interpreting booths,
  • different types of microphones,
  • receivers for delegates,
  • a sound system,
  • presentation equipment,
  • and, naturally, equipment transportation and installation and the presence of an engineer.

Prices of Interpreting

Situations for which you might need an interpreter are countless, ranging from a romantic wedding ceremony to an international conference or a state visit.

Travel arrangements and accommodation often have to be made for the interpreters.

And what about interpreting equipment, have you thought of that?

We would be happy to get in touch with your and find the best solution for your event based on your needs. Please use our contact form.

Our major clients

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