Happy Holidays and see you again in January

17. 12. 2019

What a ride this year has been! Our calendars are fully booked until the very last business day and new projects have been shaping up for January. We are enormously pleased by the confidence that our clients put in us and will do everything we can not to let them down. That said, we have decided to relax this Christmas and our office will remain close between...

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theBESTtranslation has joined the French Chamber of Commerce

02. 12. 2019

One can never have too many business contacts and networking opportunities. That’s why we have joined the French-Czech Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of the Chamber is to support and bring together French and Czech businesses. We have been polishing up on our French and are looking forward to interesting events.  

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This year’s final conference took us to Olomouc

18. 11. 2019

Last week, our Executive Director took part in the Translating and Interpreting Forum Olomouc (TIFO), organized for the fourth time by Palacky University in Olomouc. We have been big fans of the conference since its beginning, and not just because of its pleasant intimate atmosphere. The event is held directly at the university and so we always find ourselves...

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Meet Central Europe

15. 10. 2019

We at theBESTtranslation enjoy going to conferences. In addition to a pleasant change of scenery, they also provide a great opportunity to learn something new, discover “how others do it” and meet both old and new friends from the industry. When one of these conference is held in Prague, we can also show everybody from outside the Czech Republic how...

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Looking for a great place to have lunch? theBESTtranslation has been working on a translation of a best restaurant guide.

20. 08. 2019

We love food. We find reading and translating about it extremely satisfying, but most of all, we enjoy sampling new things. Therefore, we were very pleased by the offer to participate in The Best Restaurant Rated with Gold Lions, to be published by TopLife Czech. The guide will be bilingual, featuring the best restaurants from all over the Czech Republic, including...

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Our new logo

18. 04. 2019

We had felt the necessity to simplify and modernize our logo for some time. For our fifteenth birthday, we have given ourselves a new corporate logo, designed by the La Taupe studio. And how did the new design come about? “The initial stage of every brand is associated with an intense discussion at our studio, to which everybody contributes. We are...

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theBESTtranslation is heading to the Balkans this spring

02. 04. 2019

In the weeks to come, our Executive Director Lucie Butcher is taking two business trips to countries of the former Yugoslavia. First, she will head to Bosnia and Herzegovina where she will take part in the OWEN (Open Women’s Entrepreneurship Network) summit and will also speak on a panel at the Savremene žene conference in Tuzla. In May, she will attend...

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We are headed to Munich for GALA 2019. See you there?

18. 03. 2019

At the end of this week, we are leaving for Munich to attend the annual GALA conference. Are you interested in meeting us in Munich? Let us know at lucie@thebesttranslation.cz or through the conference app. In the meantime, check out the original video invitation from the organizers.

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theBESTtranslation supports Equal Pay Day

25. 02. 2019

As a corporate member of the Business & Professional Women, we are supporting the annual Equal Pay Day conference organized by the association. The purpose of the conference is to bring attention to the pay gap between men and women. The topic of this year’s conference is Corporate Culture in the Time of Changing Values. If you join us at the Clarion...

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The Assistant of the Year 2018 has received a language course voucher

13. 02. 2019

For the second year in a row, we have supported the Assistant of the Year. As a partner to the contest, we attended the gala finals last week. The winner received a language course voucher from us which entitles her to a language course of her own choice. You can see the full photo gallery on the organizer’s website. We would like to congratulate to...

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