We’re changing the way we charge for translations

19. 2. 2018

Change is a part of life and since things are buzzing here, every now and then, we have to say good-bye to old habits. One habit we kicked in January 2018 is charging for translations and proofreading per number of standard pages. We have started charging according to the number of words in the original text which brings advantages both to our clients and to us.

The biggest plus is that the exact price is known even before the work starts, whereas standard pages are typically counted from a text after it has been translated. The reason for this is the differences between lanaguages where a translation of the same text might be of a different length in different lanagues, making it impossible to determine the price upfront.

With source words, this problem is eliminated and we no longer have to worry about overcharging or undercharging our clients as was often the case with standard pages. The price calculated based on source words is not only clear beforehand, but is fair to both the client and us.

If you are one of our regular clients, you can enjoy an added bonus from the new system: with the help of the translation software that we use, we will be able to calculte what percentage of your text is identical to previous translations and provide a discount for such repetition.

The new pricing method will also unify the way we charge for translations and proofreading to our Czech and foreign clients as source words are a common practice abroad.

At first glance, it may seem that our clients will not experience any major changes and their prices will remain more or less the same.  However, we will be able to quote prices precisely beforehand, easily calculate discounts for repeated words and significnatly simplify the way we work. This will give us even more time to make your translations and proofreading the best.

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